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SMOHFI Advisors has a proven track record in providing professional finance and accounting services seamlessly, leading to significant cost savings and operational efficiency for your business.

By effectively collaborating with our clients, we deliver better results to businesses. We do this through in-depth analyses of your business financial data and the use of modern tools to simplify and standardize your finance and accounting processes.

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We cover the Accounting Types Standards

Finance and Accounting Solutions for Your Startup

Public accounting is also called assurance services. It is the broadest and most varied type of accounting. These accountants are experienced in bookkeeping, financial analysis, and account management services.

The duties you should expect of public accountants range from tax preparation and advice, to consultations in the areas of employee compensation and accounting system design. Some also audit their clients’ financial records and ensure statements have been managed properly. They primarily look at historical financial data and identify errors.

Management accountants record and analyze your company’s financial data, which they use to carry out tasks including asset management, budgeting, performance evaluation, and cost management.

They are also often involved in budgeting for the release of your new products and preparing financial data for your investors and tax authorities. Furthermore, management accountants look at both past and present data in order to plan for the future of your business.

Accountants under internal auditing review your company or firm’s financial management practices, checking for mis-managements, fraud, and waste. They evaluate your budgeting, management systems, and operations for efficiency of performance with regard to laws and regulations.

Furthermore, internal assurance accountants may specialize in areas such as information technology, compliance assurance, and environmental assurance, to give you a broad view of where your business can improve.

Auditors are involved in checking financial reports and statements to ensure the accuracy and validity of your statements.

Often times, an internal financial audit involves tracking down past records and receipts. Furthermore, auditing allows in-depth financial information about the state of the businesses.

We do not provide an Accounting Auditing as we are not licensed for it.

However, the complex nature of the financial industry today means that many accountants have become specialized and focused on a certain area. This is why it is important to get to know its different branches in order for you to find the best accounting outsourcing service that your company needs.

SMOHFI Advisors accountants are involved in recording and analyzing business transactions, and assessment of the financial capabilities of businesses. However, our accounting practices differ according to the business environment, management status, and experience.

With that being said, it is beneficial to be familiar with our offerings of the many types of accounting and its services.

Our different types of Accounting Services

There are many services along with the different types of accounting. We are specialized in the most needed services:

A chartered accountant is a member of a professional accounting body. Chartered accountants are often skilled in a number of areas from management to auditing. They sometimes focus on a particular specialization within the accounting field.

As per its title, tax accounting is a specialization in the field of income tax for individuals and the various tax requirements placed on businesses. Tax accountants are experts when it comes to claims and how to avoid paying tax unnecessarily. If you have any issues with tax or filing your returns, this would be your best bet. Read more our about Tax Accounting Services

Financial controller services involve the management of various functions of the businesses; from assigning work, dealing with new clients and overseeing staff. In other words, financial controllers are the head of accounting departments. Furthermore, controllers may also perform various internal and external auditing tasks to ensure quality and efficiency of accounting works.

Forensic accounting involves tracking missing funds and other discrepancies that may appear in the course of accounting or through financial reports. This service may work for you or your employees to unveil the truth about any accusation of tax fraud, evasion, or such. In other words, forensic accountants are like lawyers as they may have a background or knowledge about law. As such, forensic accountants are often required to work with law enforcement agents

Let us be your partner as you drive your startup forward.

Learn how you can get finance and accounting solutions that meet your specific business requirements:

  • We'll help you keep your books in order to get a clear snapshot of your business' performance.

  • Our team of accounting professionals will help you comply with regulations and tax requirements. We'll take the headache out of the tax lodging and payment processes.

  • With help from our experts, you can get valuable insights that you need to make better business strategies and gauge your startup's performance better.

Financial Reporting Services


We prepare management reports to provide decision makers with an accurate picture of how the business is operating.

Management reports help leaders make strategic business decisions and enable them to focus on developing better product offerings to generate more revenue.

The SMOHFI Advisors Management Report

management report is a crucial business document as it showcases the factors that drive business operations. Using this tool, we’ll help you identify key performance indicators (KPIs) and other useful metrics depending on the nature and industry of your business.

We prepare profit & loss actuals and budget comparison, summarized and detailed reports based on KPIs and other performance metrics and dashboards, revenue projections, variance analyses for multiple industries, cash forecasts, budgeting, as well as planning and control mechanisms.

Bookkeeping & Accounts Auditing?!

We are not accounting firm, we do not provide bookkeeping services!

we are business advisors and consulting firm who provide services such as cash flow forecasting, setting goals and KPIs, product pricing and many other services to SME’s to enabling them to control their businesses at the minimum possible cost and to provide the best results and returns on their investments

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