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FireEx600 and FireEx Marine

Tested fire extinguisher spray FireEx 600® with Prevento® gel extinguishing foam. The extinguishing gel spray filled in a handy spray can with a capacity of 600g is many times more efficient than conventional fire extinguishing sprays.

With a suitability for 4 fire classes (A / B / C / D / F), a spray length of 5 meters and a durability of 3 years, the Fire Extinguishing Gel FireEx 600® is unique in the world. The used and worldwide patented Prevento® extinguishing agent is a second-generation gel extinguishing foam and, in contrast to foam, powder, water or other gels, achieves above-average extinguishing results, especially in the case of problematic fires.

This has been confirmed by a large number of fire protection experts from the fire service and testing centers.

Suitable FireEx 600® for solid materials (plastics, rubber, wood, cardboard, …), liquid substances (gasoline, diesel, solvents, …), gaseous substances and for oil and fat fires.

The non-toxic, disinfecting and biodegradable adhesive gel is also particularly suitable for the safe and effective fight against personal fires. In addition, Prevento® has a fire-proofing effect when dried (according to DIN 4102, B1, hardly inflammable).

Prevento® adheres up to 100 times longer on smooth surfaces than water and can therefore be applied outside the fire area as a protective barrier. It captivates in sensitive areas such as EDP and electrical systems, as it does not cause any extinguishing damage such as fire extinguishing water. Damage and contamination caused by the use of other extinguishing agents is reduced or completely prevented.

Thus, the FireEx 600® gel extinguishing foam can be used without restriction in all household, catering, craft, motor vehicle, caravan, boat and hobby and leisure activities fires.

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Immediate deploy-ability without any restriction in the event of all incipient fires occurring at Homes, Vehicles, Garden and during hobby and leisure activities.

In many cases extinguishes more effectively than water and other foam or powder.

Prevento ® – gel extinguishing agent

The high performance gel-extinguishing agent for fire class A, B, C, D and F.

Also adheres to smooth surfaces and is particularly effective in rubber or plastic fires and is safe on humans and nature

Major Benefits of FireEx600

  • Suitable for A, B, C, D and F Fire Class types

  • No or hardly possible of further fire re-ignition after extinguishing

  • Impregnates flamable and burning substances according to DIN 4102 (flame-retardant class B1)

  • Non-toxic - not a dangerous substance

  • Cools the skin 20 times in the event of persons being on fire

  • Functional area: -15°C/5°F up to 50°C/122°F

  • Easily removable after use (with water)

  • Downscale the escape of fire effluent drastic

  • Specially applicable for burning plastics

  • Easily biodegradable

  • Without and NO additional fluoric surfactant (AFFF)

  • Sprays up to a range of 5 meters

  • No dead angle while spraying

  • Very handy & easily used by everyone.. Even kids!

  • Performance guaranteed for 3 years (store-ability)

A Product you can trust

The product is manufactured in Germany and holds worldwide patent and international quality certifications.

This is not fire extinguishing product as much as a life-saving product! Believe it or not The

We welcome all interested parties; individuals and companies in knowing more details with opportunity to start, or expand their business into this market.

We provide all quality certifications, catalogs, brochures, product testing videos, everything you need to for you to make a strong decision by which you can (dominate) and dominant this line of business; directly through B2C or indirectly through B2B sales and other sales channels.

You can be an agent, distributor, buyer (just name it). Browse the brochure

Effects in extinguishing different materials

Extinguishing fires on a burning individuals

For extinguishing fires on the human body safely and effectively

Directly from the developer of special gels for protecting persons

Better safety for emergency personnel

Suitable for extinguishing burning barriers like Tyre’s,  plastics, liquids, refuse etc.

A dominating product

  • A: Solid materials such as wood, paper, glowing substances, elastomers such as rubber, thermosets such as polyamides, smeltings - forming plastics

  • B: Flammable liquids such as diesel, petrol, kerosene, machine oils, hydraulic oils, thermal oils, transformer oils

  • C: Flammable gases such as natural gas, propane and butane, methane

  • D: typically include magnesium, titanium, zirconium, sodium, lithium, and potassium. These are the most common types of metal fires

  • F: Animal and vegetable fats such as rape and sunflower oil, beef dripping and lard

Ingredients of FireEx600

  • Super absorber (SAP) reservoir from the hygiene sector
  • Organic salts from the food sector
  • Biocide (Disinfectant)
  • Hydrocolloid stabilizers from the food sectors

Physical Properties

  • Super absorbers (SAP) thicken the water and enables the gel to stay longer on the burnt material
  • Organic salts possesses very good impregnating attributes; frost protection available, up to – 4°F
  • Hydrocolloid stabilizers permanently prevent separation

The positive characteristics of Prevento® in the case of solid materials are based on known physical mechanisms:

Increased range of the Prevento® solution even with normal pressure on the nozzle
Good adhesion and long retention time of Prevento® on burning substances for an optimum use of the cooling effect
Cooling effect thanks to bound water

Internationally Tested and Certified

  • NFS 51 804:2008 French Standard

  • H.5 BS 6165 : 2002 Class B British Standard

  • EN 3-7 : 2004 + A1 : 2008 European Standard

  • DIN ISO 11269-2 Biological Sound

  • DIN 4102 B1 Fire retardant protection

Environmental Behavior

  • Super absorbers (SAP) are converted into water and CO2 by UV radiation and fire
  • Organic salts are considered as readily degradable substances
  • Hydrocolloid stabilizers are based on readily degradable, organic, natural elements
  • Biocides used for Prevento® do not produce significant chemical changes

Some of PREVENTO® Clients

  • Audi AG (Car Manufacturer)

  • ADAC (Automobile Club)

  • EON (Energie)

  • Siemens AG (Electronics)

  • BASF AG (Chemical Plants)

  • RWE (Power Supplier)

  • BASF AG (Chemical Plants)

  • Energy Plants (Coal and Nuclear)

  • Fire fighters all over Europe / Eastern Europe

  • Mercedes Benz

  • Dunlop

  • Ford

  • Swiss Touring Club

  • Novartis

  • Stadler Rail

  • ThyssenKrupp

  • NOW you can have it available in GCC (Bahrain, KSA, UAE, Kuwait, Oman & Qatar) and other middle east counties

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