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iFoam and iFoam Marine

Intelligent liquid gel foam
concentrate 0.1 – 6%

Primarily, ifoam® consists of a concentration of biopolymers, thickener, super absorber and highly concentrated foam additives.

Used for extinguishing and suppressing the following classes of fires

>   Wood, paper, cardboard, embers, elastomers like rubber, curable plastics like polyamides
>   Diesel, car petrol, kerosene, engine oils, hydraulic oils, thermo-oils, transformer oils

iFoam is a gel-foaming agent concentrate to be used as low, medium and high-expansion foam. Can be admixed to water at a concentration of 0.1-6%. Extinguishing performance level 1A, according to DIN 1568-3. Developed and made in Germany

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ifoam® is an extinguishing agent for all application areas at various mixing ratios:

  • 0.1-0.5% as surfactant

  • 1% as application for Compressed Air Foam (CAF)

  • 3-6% as foam-gel agent for combustible liquids and solids

Major Benefits of iFoam

  • Adheres on smooth surfaces and protects against radiant heat and is covering fire of liquids at the same time

  • High foam stability and water half life value

  • Long lasting and high water content in each foam bubble

  • Prophylactic application, e.g. to suppress emissions

  • Very good chilling effect of the foam at combustible liquids and solids

  • No draining into soil and drain system of residues of the extinguishing agent

  • No rinse of pollutants out of the debris

  • Remains on the debris and can be disposed together

  • No additional pollutants in the extinguishing agent; raw material in accordance with WRMG*

  • Can be used with existing proportioning systems of the fire brigades

  • Also applicable with sea water (iFoam Marine)

  • Easily bio-degradable. For A Clean and safe Environment!

  • Referring to regulation (EG) Nr. 648/2004 of the European Parliament and Council of March 31st 2004 about detergents (ABl. EU Nr. L 104 S. 1), Detergents and Cleaning Products Act - German designation (WRMG) of April 27th 2007, applicable for ifoam®; § 2, clause 5 of the German Food and Feed Code

Physical Behavior of iFoam

  • The biological thickening agent in ifoam® slows down the separation time, respectively the drain off time of water inside the foam bubble by 25 times, compared to a regular foam

  • The special tensides compound, in combination with the biological thickening agent creates even, small and stable foam bubbles

  • The ifoam® bubble is compared to regular foam bubbles „orbitant“ *)

  • Due to this effect the foam bubble has a longer resistance against mechanical and thermal impacts

  • Likewise flammable vapours and gases cannot easily penetrate the ifoam® foam bubble or escape through the contact areas. This leads to a very high gas density and thus security for the fire men!

  • The higher water content in the foam bubble ensures a very high cooling effect

  • Re-burning rate for ifoam® as per EN 1568-3 is > 20 minutes, where normally 10 minutes for regular foam

  • *) orbitant: The liquid of ifoam® remains evenly and for a long time inside the foam bubble (Orbit)

Those who do not use ifoam® pays a heavy monetary price and suffers ecological losses!

febbex ifoam

Internationally Tested and Certified

  • EN 1568-3 Performance 1A

  • DIN ISO 11269-2 Biological Sound

  • DIN 4102 B1 Fire retardant protection

iFoam® Clients

  • Audi AG (Car Manufacturer)

  • ADAC (Automobile Club)

  • EON (Energie)

  • Siemens AG (Electronics)

  • BASF AG (Chemical Plants)

  • RWE (Power Supplier)

  • BASF AG (Chemical Plants)

  • Energy Plants (Coal and Nuclear)

  • Fire fighters all over Europe / Eastern Europe

  • NOW you can have it available in GCC (Bahrain, KSA, UAE, Kuwait, Oman & Qatar) and other middle east counties

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