Developing a future recycling & environment leaders in Bahrain & GCC

  • 07/16/2019

    Developing a future recycling & environment leaders in Bahrain & GCC

    SSI Schaefer, Martin Yale, Epresto, arteko Engineering, and Srtautmann Umwelt are German based companies and are of the most recognizable recycling engineering companies in the world. Although they have a great market share in most of Europe, they wanted to expand to the GCC Countries.

    That’s where the founder of SMOHFI Advisors’s Ahmed AlAali made his contribution.

    As a market and culture expert he co-founded the Recycling for Charity program and lead its entire  operation, marketing and sales. Soon after the acceptance of the program by the companies, Recycling for Charity RFC became on the spot of the news and had made significant environmental awareness contributions. The RFC as project had attracted more than 10 of the known investors in Bahrain and lead to a venture of the Universe Environment Bahrain as a Closed Share Company with a total investment of 3.5 Million Bahraini Dinars.

    Ahmed as an industry expert created detailed market entry plan along with market analysis and global strategy creation. Solid business plan and operating module with all financial projections and forecasting.

    The project took eight months of preparation, analysis and planning. Trucking expanded to KSA Damam, Suhar in Oman, and Dubai for a pilot cut over, where they created new alliances and opened opportunity for even greater expansion, leaving the options for some mergers and acquisitions.

    SMOHFI Advisors would definitely benefit of such history.

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