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Founder Message

Carpenters have a saying, “Measure twice, and cut once.” It means that measuring twice before cuttings is ensuring the perfect fit, and prevents having to repeat work.

This measuring of work is being led by SMOHFI Advisors Strategy & management. The 2018 “Go live” is just around the corner and all our hard work since completion the Scope Definition has now moved into the functional and integration phases. We are making sure that SMOHFI Advisors can work precisely together. It is critical to the success of the Company.

And now; all of us can be justly proud of the fantastic results and achievements of the past period of business deals. Personally, I feel privileged to lead SMOHFI Advisors team as outstanding professionals and I am sure all of us will progress to greater highest in the coming months and years.

Each of us must always ensure that everything we do, we give the highest importance to honest, sincere & excellent dealings with our customers & potential customers. It is only then that the future of SMOHFI Advisors will be brighter and it is only then that we can justly claim to be the premier and best Company in our fields, worldwide.

The focus now is on identifying clients, principals and all market problems, understanding root causes, and developing relations and solutions as rapidly as possible. Bottom line is “we do serving with solutions and help the cliens in value returns”.

I conclude by thanking every body, staff and associates for their hard work and efforts towards SMOHFI Advisors growth and to say how much I look forwards from them and all of the individuals leading the efforts to even highest in the coming time.

Quality, timing & value returns are our keys of differentiation.

Best of the best to everybody,

Ahmed AlAali