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Our Core Expertise

How can we help?!

We at SMOHFI Advisors believe that the whole is always made up of parts!

What we do for our clients!

We at SMOHFI Advisors believe that the whole is always made up of parts!

The biggest challenges and problems can be broken into bite size chunks.. if we allow time to think, analyse and reorder big issues into the tangible parts, there’s always a way forward.

SMOHFI Advisors is a value-based advisory & consulting business that brings a wealth of experience and skill to the coal face. We thrive on unstructured problems, we love challenges and we pride ourselves on adding value.

Most of all we like to be practical and help realise and unlock true business value for our clients.

Do you recognize any of the following in your organization?

  • Projects behind schedule and in trouble

  • A big vision & not enough time to drive it forward

  • Ineffective delivery area & need an objective review

  • Not enough capacity to help keep tricky projects on track

  • Need to structure a big project for success

SOHFI Advisors Offering?!

  • Phone consultations; One-on-one phone conversations.

  • Meetings; In-person conversations.

  • Roundtables; Conversations with thought leaders and a group of clients

  • Quantitative Insights; Curated online samplings of different sources and consumer opinions.

  • Strategic Projects; Synthesized reports and projects executed by our team and top consultants.

  • Site visits; On-site meetings, reviews, and tours.

  • Learning and development; Customized executive education and larger team training's.

〈 SMOHFI Advisors is a community of senior executives who accelerate their success through individual and group conversations customized by the Company 〉