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Mergers & Acquisitions

The fundamentals!

Mergers and acquisitions are great way of expanding your business to new markets, gaining new valuable personnel, and optimizing current market positions.

However, mergers and acquisitions can be quite challenging socially for companies that have no experience in this field.

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How we can Help you?!

SMOHFI Advisors will help you in business and finance decision making that will help you maximize gain and reduce potential risks in mergers and acquisitions process.

We will guide you through even most complex mergers and acquisitions. Our broad expertise include development of mergers and acquisitions strategy, strategic due diligence and merger integration planning and execution.

Activities and results:

  • Merger and acquisition strategy

    The first step is to define your company strategy. Your company strategy must be in alliance with newly created merger and acquisition strategy. We will help you define clear merger strategy that will be flexible enough and result in maximum chances for successful merger or acquisition.

  • Strategic Due Diligence

    One of the most important parts of merger process is to investigate your target company. That's where SMOHFI Advisors comes in. The first thing is to analyze the company of interest and see how much value merger can bring to your company in opposite to finance and time resources you invest in that merger or acquisition.

  • Merger integration planning and execution

    The key of successful merger or acquisition is to determine what parts of your organization, processes or function will be integrated. We will help you determine degree of integration that will result in maximum value for your company.

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