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Maximize Your Salesforce; SMOHFI Advisors knows what has to be done!

As a certified Salesforce partner, One11 partners with real estate organizations to realize the value of their Salesforce investment. We have successfully helped both public and private real estate clients implement Salesforce by leveraging our extensive knowledge of the real estate industry and Salesforce.

Salesforce is a powerful and flexible tool that enables a more efficient, transparent and information-driven experience for your employees, business leaders and customers. One11 helps real estate clients define a Salesforce vision and execute a Salesforce implementation plan that optimizes the experience of employees, business leaders and customers.

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Your Sales Force Journey with SMOHFI Advisors!

» Define Organizational Vision with Salesforce

» Develop Salesforce Roadmap

» Envision an Optimized Business Process leveraging Salesforce

» Develop a Plan to Implement Salesforce

» Execute the Plan to Implement Salesforce

Comprehensive Transformation with Salesforce

» Implementing Salesforce to create value for your organization is not just about Salesforce, it’s about ensuring that Salesforce integrates with other applications and dovetails with processes and procedures.

» We help your organization define the key metrics, business processes and procedures, data model and technical architecture so that Salesforce integrates seamlessly into your organization.

Creativity in business development

We help you get closer to the right people

Customers/Buyers keep business moving. But as sales people, how well do you know them and what drives them?

We develop that part for you and gets you closer. Closer to a first meeting with someone who’s ready to talk and closer to a deal with someone who’s ready to buy.

We supercharge Your business! We get things done.

Extending Your Existing Environment

Realizing the value of Salesforce requires ensuring your Salesforce build complements the people, processes and applications around Salesforce.

SMOHFI Advisors provides Salesforce development resources with the technical Salesforce development skills to maximize the power of your Salesforce build.

Our experience completing Salesforce extension projects that are more tactical and focused.

We help our clients deliver those extension projects and continue to maximize the value of your Salesforce.

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